Warning Signs of Pregnancy: Watch Out

danger signs in pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms you should never ignore

Whether you voice your queries or concerns or not you are bound to have numerous questions during the pregnancy now. More often than not things may seem to sort out for themselves, but it is always better to know and understand the various symptoms so that you do not overlook anything important right now.

  • Spotting or bleeding:

The cervix is right now sensitive so light spotting is quite common and normal so don’t panic if you do see a little blood. You should however be concerned if there is a moderate to heavy flow of blood along with which you have fever, pain or shivers - do not ignore these signs. It could mean any of the following - ectopic pregnancy or a placental abruption. It could also indicate placenta praevia or a preterm labour or even a miscarriage.

  • Fever:

In case you are running a high fever but have no other symptoms of a flu it is likely that you have an infection. Body temperature of a 102°F or above could be risky and must definitely be checked.

  • Abdominal Pain:

Any pain in the belly region – upper, middle or lower is not to be taken lightly. It could be a sign of preeclampsia or of an ectopic pregnancy or a placental abruption or even premature labour or a miscarriage.

  • Swelling of hands and feet:

Swelling of hands and feet is quite common at this stage. It is a cause of concern if there is a sudden swelling or it is too severe. A headache or problem with your vision at the same time could all be indicative of preeclampsia.

  • Baby moving less:

If worried about the baby’s health, remember the baby’s movements are assurance that all is well. Maintaining a mental track of the baby’s movements from the beginning could be helpful in assessing the health of the baby. Any variation in the pattern or movement coming down could be indicative that the baby is in distress and must be checked.

If you experience any of the above 5 scenarios, pick up the phone and consult your gynaecologist. Don’t hesitate at all - even if it’s a false alarm, it is totally worth it!