Want A Healthy Baby With A Sharp Brain? You Are 8 Steps Away!

Of course, during pregnancy, every woman dreams about the little one in the womb. Every mother wishes to have a healthy and intelligent baby. Yes, we do agree inherited genes play a major role in determining intelligence and health, but the right lifestyle choices can help ensure those genes are well- programmed in the womb. Did you know, when you're pregnant, your diet, emotions and how you interact with your bump all play a part in developing your growing baby's brain?

It is not a big task to get a brainy, beautiful and healthy baby. All you need to know is, what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you are making a beautifully intelligent baby by following these steps.

1. Get a little sunshine:

Vitamin D is very important for brain development of the fetus. Recent studies have proved that mother who maintained an optimum level of Vitamin D throughout pregnancy has higher chances of getting a baby with good brain power. Therefore, besides adding food enriched with vitamin D, like cheese, eggs, liver, etc., get morning sunlight for around 20 minutes

2. Folic acid:

Folic acid is crucial for the formation of brain cells of the fetus. Doctors prefer to take folic acid prior to pregnancy (when you are planning for a pregnancy) to ensure proper brain development of the baby. It is proved that ensuring folic acid intake (400 mcg) four weeks prior to pregnancy and eight weeks after pregnancy brings down the risk of autism in babies by 40 percent. Just like folic acid supplements, including folic acid-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, (spinach, lentils) is also important for a healthy and brainy baby.

3. Omega 3 fatty acid:

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the brain development of the unborn baby. Eggs, tofu, walnuts, flax seeds, spinach are foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is the must to eat food during pregnancy to get a brainy baby as it is a rich source of omega 23 fatty acid. Eating fatty fishes like, tuna, mackerel, sardines, etc can also get you smart and healthy baby.

4. Iron-rich food:

As iron is essential to supply oxygen to brain cells, eating iron-rich foods during pregnancy helps to get a smart and healthy baby. Spinach, chicken, beetroot, red beans, legumes, raisins, cereals fortified with iron, fig, and dates are the best iron rich foods to take during pregnancy to get a brilliant and beautiful baby.

5. Protein-rich food:

Proteins are essential for developing new cells, thereby boosts overall growth of the baby. During pregnancy, your daily intake of protein must increase at least by 10 grams. Legumes and dairy products are rich in proteins.

6. Iodine rich food:

Iodine rich foods during pregnancy are the best food to have an intelligent baby. It's good to get at least 220 mcg of iodine every day during pregnancy. Many women develop thyroid problems during their first trimester, and hypothyroidism, low thyroid hormone levels, could bring down the IQ level of your baby. Sufficient intake of iodine will combat hypothyroidism to an extent. Sea fish and oysters are naturally rich in iodine content.  Pears are rich in iodine as well. Therefore, include them in your diet.

7. Interact with the baby:

Babies can hear from 16 weeks.  Your baby recognizes your voice from around 26th week of gestation. You should, therefore, talk to your baby, sing, or read to your baby. It not only pave the way to better bonding but also will increase the brain power of the baby.

8. Stay active:

Exercise increases the blood circulation, including to the womb, thereby enhance the healthy development of the baby in all aspects

It is equally important to stay away from unhealthy lifestyles. Drop the habits of drinking alcohol and smoking (active and passive). It not only hinders with the normal progression of pregnancy but also affects the brain development of the baby.  It can interfere with your child's social skills, memory, and limit her attention span.