Pregnancy tips for normal delivery

Pregnancy tips for normal delivery

Want an all natural birth? Things you should know:

If you want to remain in control during the entire childbirth experience and avoid routine monitoring, etc. an all natural childbirth is the way for you. It is as the name suggests natural and without any medication.

There are definite advantages of having an all natural childbirth like it is non-invasive so side effects for the baby or you are minimum; you also are in control without losing sensation or alertness so you can change your position to suit yourself during labour; there is a strong feeling of accomplishment that most mothers who choose all natural birth experience.

Now there is no pain relief in an all natural childbirth so you could experience a lot of pain especially if you have a long labour or complications in the labour.

To have an all natural birth here are some aspects you should consider:

Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery Of Baby:

1.Equip yourself with all the knowledge on natural and medical pain management. Understand what is routine to the childbirth process and also what happens at each stage of childbirth.

2.Talk to your gynaecologist and explain your wish for an all natural birth. Discuss various coping techniques to help you through the labour.

3.Find classes which will help you learn various coping techniques which will help you manage pain during labour, like Lamaze.

4.What kind of food you eat does affect your pregnancy and inadvertently, your delivery as well. Make sure you eat fresh, healthy food. Make sure every meal has a portion of fruit in it.

5.Drink a lot of fluids and water during your pregnancy. Although the trips to the bathroom will increase in number quite a bit at the end, your body needs enough hydration to sustain you and your baby. Keep an alarm on your phone, if it helps remind you to drink at least a glass of water every hour.

6.Make sure you have a healthy and active lifestyle. Although everyone will ask you to sit down and rest and pamper you to bits, make sure you stay active throughout. Once lethargy sets in, it is difficult for you to start feeling active again. So take a walk, go for a swim, if your doctor allows it, but remain as active as possible. It also de-stresses you more than you know.

7.Deep breathing and breathing exercises as well are known to have calmed down many a pregnant woman. You can try yoga too, it helps loosen your muscles and helps you stay relaxed. It is also completely safe, but make sure you run each asana by a certified instructor before trying it out yourself.

8.Even if you are fit and healthy and extremely confident of having an all natural birth, it is always possible that things don’t go as planned. You might need medical pain relief eventually if your labour is too painful or too long. Do not be disappointed if things don’t eventually happen as you had envisaged.

And remember to not stress about trying to control everything. The whole excitement of pregnancy is coming to fruition now, and you’d want to focus on the newborn, than worry about how she or he is going to get here!