Village birth or city birth? Choose where you want to have your delivery

Village birth or city birth

Choosing to give birth in a village or small town

A critical decision related to having a baby is where you are going to have the baby. If you are living in a village or small town, you might be a little apprehensive about actually having the baby there.

Things to consider before considering having a delivery in a village or a small town

The primary cause of concern for you could be if the infrastructure and facilities at the village hospital are good enough to handle any medical exigencies.

To take a decision it is important to weigh your options and see which one suits you the best. Here are some points to evaluate before making the choice:

  1. Speak to your gynaecologist and ask her to list the various hospitals she is associated with.
  2. Visit the hospitals and list the various facilities it has to offer.
  3. Discuss any queries you may have regarding your delivery needs or hospital facilities with your gynaecologist.
  4. The chances of a more personalised or homely care is better at hospitals in the villages or small town.
  5. Your expenses should be comparatively less in a delivery at a village or small town.
  6. If you feel that the city might be better you will have to consider the distance you will have to travel to reach the hospital. This might get even tougher if you deliver pre-term.
  7. If you plan to have the baby in the city, you will have to factor in budgets for extended stay both before and after the baby as travelling at the right time is critical. The expenses will be higher.