All about vaginal cleansing – Is Douching During Pregnancy Safe?

douching during pregnancy

What is douching during pregnancy?

The vagina is a tube of muscles inside the woman’s body running from cervix to the vaginal opening which is naturally equipped to clean itself with help from natural discharge. The rinsing or cleaning out the vagina or the birth canal by squirting water or other liquids including vinegar, baking soda is called douching. These solutions are put in a bottle and sprayed into the vagina using a nozzle.Healthy discharge will make you feel wet but will have no odour and will not cause any itching or soreness around your vagina. In case of any of the symptoms contact your gynaecologist.

Can you douche during pregnancy?

Inside the vagina there are a lot of bacteria which are good as:

  • They are huge in numbers and would outnumber any harmful bacteria entering

  • Can produce ‘bacteriocins’ (antibiotics) which can reduce or kill bacteria.

  • Maintains pH balance of the vagina

  • Produces substance that stops foreign bacteria from sticking to the vaginal walls

At the time of pregnancy the vaginal discharge increases in most women to help prevent infections travelling up to the womb via the vagina.

To clean your vagina all you need to do is wash the area around the vagina at least once in a day using water and plain, unscented soaps. Using perfumed soaps, washes, wipes, gels, deodorants and antiseptics may disrupt balance of bacteria and pH in the vagina causing irritation. The inside of the vagina need not be washed, the discharge will keep it clean.

Douching is done by quite a few women to clean the vagina. It uses a tube to spray a mixture of water and vinegar upward into the vagina. All it does is disrupt natural good bacteria in the vagina increases one’s risks of vaginal infections, pelvic inflammatory diseases, pregnancy complications like ectopic pregnancy, etc.