Using Public Toilets During Pregnancy

Using Public Toilets During Your Pregnancy

Using Public Toilets During Your Pregnancy

You may not normally use a public toilet but being pregnant could mean you would use it more often than you like. The issue with using public toilets is of course that they are not as clean and hygienic as you would like and could be a haven of infections. But if you have to go, well you have to go.

Remember the following though:

  • Always have in your bag the following – tissues, wet wipes and a hand sanitizer, and yes do use them liberally. Remember to thoroughly clean the front and back of your hands well after using the public toilet.
  • Opt for the squatting style Indian toilets over sitting on the Western style toilets. They are less likely to give you an infection. If you are not used to using one, well, try balancing yourself. There is no harm in using an Indian style toilet when pregnant rather it is better for you.
  • If it is a Western style toilet that you must use, you could cover the seat entirely with tissue papers and then sit.
  • No tissues either, well you can sit do it without touching any of the surfaces. This is not going to be easy but hey, practice makes perfect.
  • Whether or not you touched the surface of the toilet always wipe clean your bottom with tissues.
  • The moment you get back home, wash your hands and private parts with water and wash.

Although some things are beyond your control, try to avoid public toilets as much as possible. Keep in mind the above when you can’t and you’re set!