Using Indian Toilet During Pregnancy

indian toilet during pregnancy

Can I use an Indian style toilet during pregnancy?

If you are accustomed to using the Indian style toilet since before your pregnancy, there should be no issues with continuing to do so; if not you might want to check with your gynaecologist first.

A lot of doctors typically recommend the Indian style toilet for quite a few reasons,’

Benefits of using Indian style toilet during pregnancy:

  • It is considered as the most natural position for labour and delivery. The squatting helps open the birth canal completely and the pull of gravity facilitates the baby’s downward motion.
  • It helps strengthen the abdominal and thigh muscles which help during normal labour.
  • In comparison to Western style toilets, Indian style toilets are considered hygienic.
  • The position also helps prevent constipation and haemorrhoids. These are common issues during pregnancy.
  • It helps the stool pass easily and faster.

As for using the Indian style toilet it is important to keep in mind the following before actually doing so.

Precautions to take while using indian toilet during pregnancy:

  • Ensure the toilet is clean and dry.
  • Use footwear which is anti-skid.
  • You could have special handles and railings fitted near the toilet for holding or grip. As the pregnancy progresses it will make it easy if you find it difficult to get up from the squatting position.
  • Do not strain when passing stool. Consult the gynaecologist if constipated.
  • In case of a pedestal toilet (a western toilet with the option of squatting on the seat) it might be advisable to avoid using it as an Indian style toilet. Squatting at a height increases your risk of a fall and is thus best avoided.

In case while using the Indian style toilet you feel dizzy, uncomfortable or experience pain of any kind, consult your gynaecologist. You could always consider switching to a Western style toilet.