Use of Laptops and Mobile Phones During Pregnancy

laptop and mobile phone during pregnancy

You may totally love your job but working when expecting may alter your emotions. Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods or using the computers, tablets, etc can get increasingly difficult with the advancing pregnancy and also the use of gadgets could make you worry about the radiation exposure.

Is the use of mobile phones harmful during pregnancy?

There is no conclusive evidence of the effects of exposure to radiation from electronic gadgets, but there are evidently risks involved. Thus one must be careful and maintain the following –

  • Use a landline or use headphones or speakers on the mobile. Best would be to limit time on the mobile now.
  • Do not use the laptop placing it on your lap.
  • Try and limit time spent on electronic gadgets. When using them try and maintain as much distance as you can.
  • Keep unused electronics switched off

Is using a laptop during pregnancy harmful?

When using a laptop/other electronic device during pregnancy you must:

  • Adjust the chair height to ensure proper posture when working on the computer
  • Arrange the system such so as to avoid glares and awkward movements.
  • When you have a desk job you could try the following –
  • Prop your leg up a little from time to time
  • Go to the bathroom when you need it, do not wait till the last moment.
  • Use cushions for your back and bottoms if you find the seat uncomfortable.
  • Get up and walk around from time to time to ensure proper circulation.
  • If you predominantly stand at work, find stretches of time when you could sit.
  • Try some stretches each hour to avoid pain and aches from all the sitting/ standing.
  • Always have a shawl or sweater at hand because you never know when you will feel chilly.