Underweight during pregnancy | what you can do

underweght during pregnancy

Still underweight? Here's what you need to know and what you can do

Still underweight in the third trimester?

Everyone says that weight gain is very normal in pregnancy, but you don’t seem to be putting on the necessary kilos, don’t worry.The normal weight gain during pregnancy is about 11 - 15 kilos. If your weight gain is even moderately within this range, then you don’t have a reason to bother.

Although, it is a cause of concern if you are still underweight because you may go into labour much earlier than usual and your baby may be too small for the gestational age, there are things you can do about it.

If you’ve tried the normal diet you usually eat and still don’t put on enough weight, then you must talk to your doctor and chalk out a protein and carbohydrate rich diet plan that will allow you to put on the necessary weight in a healthy way.

Some tips you can try to gain weight are:

  • Get an extra protein boost in your diet by adding sprouts or nuts like groundnuts in your breakfast. Walnuts go very well with honey and milk. So in your favourite cereal, add in a couple of them along with some cut up bananas to give you that extra zing.
  • Eat two or three snacks between meals – choose foods that are rich in protein, calcium,fiber and minerals. Try munching on some salted cashewnuts or pista at that time when hunger strikes between meals. You can even put some chat masala in boring nuts along with some lime to spice it up and make anything tastier.
  • Refrain from having carbonated drink or sugary food, because they are not adding any helpful calories to your body. And with acidity that will keep on rearing its ugly head in the later months of pregnancy, carbonated or sugary food will worsen it. If you have acidity because of constant throwing up and not able to keep anything inside, try a glass of cold milk. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s not been experiencing the symptoms, you can also have fruit juices rich in Vitamin C.