Treating colds, coughs and a sinus flare up during pregnancy. Home remedies

Catching a cough or a cold is pretty common but a sinus infection when pregnant is tough. The infection may be bacterial, viral or fungal and causes a stuffy nose, pain around the cheeks and eyes. The infection makes being sick worse but what is worse is that you cannot just have any medication you used to when you were not pregnant. There are numerous home remedies you could try though to ease the symptoms and get on the road to recovery.

Drink lots of fluids. Staying hydrated helps clear the nose and also fight the infection.

Use a nasal spray. Mostly these are just saline water and have no effect on your pregnancy.

You may also use a humidifier which can help clear the nasal passages and soften the mucus in the chest. You could just take a pan of boiling water, bend over the pan covering your head and inhaling the steam.

● If you have a cough or a sore throat, drink warm fluids, gargle or try having honey and lemon.

Sleep well as it helps build your immunity.

● Even if you do not feel like eating, eat healthy to build your immunity.

For headaches accompanying the cold – get a massage or have a nice warm bath. In case you cough up green or yellow mucous, have fever above 101°F or cannot eat or sleep, consult your doctor who may then prescribe you safe medication.

Keep your head a little high, this helps to breath easily.