Travelling by Car During Pregnancy

car travel during pregnancy

Things You Need to Know About Travelling by Car During Pregnancy

An ideal time for a holiday is Trimester two. Your options of travelling be it by air, train, car or bus must be carefully considered – traveling by car during pregnancy would be quite comfortable. You can stop anytime you want and stretch those muscles, you could also take frequent toilet breaks, etc. It all seems perfect, that is of course if you ignore the bad roads (potholes and bumps) which can be a little stressful.

Tips for safe travel by car during pregnancy

Be warned - traveling by car during pregnancy is going to be nothing like what it used to be before you got pregnant. There are some measures you must take to ensure a safe and comfortable road trip by car when pregnant.

  • Choose clothes and your shoes carefully. They should be comfortable.
  • Stock up on healthy snacks, you can never know what could cause delays or when you could be hungry.
  • Sitting for a long time can cause leg cramps. It could also have your feet and ankles swell so be sensible and take a break periodically. You could take a break every 90mins maybe and take a small walk or stretch those muscles. Try to wriggle your toes and rotate your ankles from time to time if you are moving.
  • Use a cushion at the small of your back to comfort the back.
  • Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.
  • Strap on your seatbelt. The belts (lap and diagonal) both provide support to your baby and are safer if you do happen to be in a collision.
  • If you have to eat out, avoid raw, uncooked or food which is undercooked. Always have well cooked food.
  • Pack your medications such that they are at hand. You might want to take extra supplies just in case.

Whatever mode of transport you choose, before making any plans to travel check with your gynaecologist and get the go ahead!