Train or Bus Travel During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Train or Bus Travel During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Train or Bus Travel During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Public Transport vehicles like buses or trains do not have any restrictions against pregnant women travelling. Travel by Bus or Train is definitely be a cheaper mode of transport but there are definitely some disadvantages to using them as the preferred mode of travel:

Tips to make bus and train travel more comfortable:

Bus Travel

The issues with Bus Travel at this stage are mainly –

  • Buses are usually crowded and noisy and thus far from comfortable for a pregnant woman.
  • The roads are not at all smooth and the bumps along the way could be not just uncomfortable but risky too.
  • You do not have the scope to get up, walk around and stretch those muscles from time to time. It would be risky to walk around as you could have a fall while you could increase your chances of having blood clots by not moving for long stretches.

If you have to absolutely travel by bus, choose a bus which is more deluxe in terms of comfortable seats or better air conditioning, etc. You could request for a comfortable seat if possible (nearer to the doors and preferably in seats at the middle of the bus.)

Train Travel

Train Travel is a better option for a pregnant woman for travel. Here is why:

  • You can get up and stretch your muscles from time to time.
  • If travelling by sleeper train and tired of sitting for extended stretches you always have the option of lying down.

Always when travelling during your pregnancy you should be aware of possible complications which could risk or complicate your pregnancy. In case of any complications (high blood pressure, placental problems, preterm labour, etc.) always check with the gynaecologist before travelling via bus or train.