Traditional cradle vs crib: What you need to know

Crib vs Cradle

Traditional cradle vs crib: What you need to know

There have been various debates between parents, older people and the experts on which is better: co-sleeping or crib? Cradle or crib? Without taking any side, here are the differences between the two systems:

Traditional Cradle:

  1. Baby hammock made of soft cotton cloth. Can be wooden or metal too.
  2. If made of cloth and built properly, keeps the baby snug’
  3. Swaying motion puts baby to sleep quicker.
  4. Baby gets too used to the swaying motion and may take a lot of time to transition to cot
  5. Risk of baby falling down once it learns to roll over, sit up and crawl.
  6. Doesn’t provide good visibility to monitor the child


  1. Cot like structure with railings
  2. If kept snug with pillows and toys, has a highrisk of suffocation andSIDS
  3. Baby takes time to fall sleep
  4. Crib allows for growing baby and can be modified to a cot as the baby grows, so there are no transition issues
  5. Lesser risk as the crib accommodates a rolling child and sitting child, although there is risk of baby trying to climb out. Can be rectified with the help of a baby monitor
  6. Railings provide a good visibility of the child,allowing you to monitor the child.

As always remember, each child and parent and pregnancy is unique, so trust you and your child to make the right decision based on instinct on what is the best for both of you!