Tips to share your pregnancy with your husband

So often pregnancy is about the mom that the dads often feel left out. Here are some fun ways that you can share your pregnancy as a couple -
  1. Prenatal education
Plan and schedule all of your prenatal appointments with your husband so that you can attend them together. You can also read pregnancy books and attend pregnancy, and baby prep classes. Discussing your pregnancy and health concerns with your husband and your doctor at your visits will clue your husband into what you are going through and what is normal. Plus, he might even learn ways to help you while at home.
  1. Decorate the baby's room together
Involving your husband in the planning and design of your baby's room -- even if he's not the interior designer of the house -- is another way to make him feel involved, important and needed.
  1. Exercise together
Fitness -- provided you are not banned from it per your doctor's orders -- is an important part of your mental and physical well-being during pregnancy. By exercising with your husband, you automatically have someone invested in you and your baby's health to keep you accountable and you can squeeze in some much-needed couples time before baby arrives.
  1. Cook together
Nutrition, like fitness, is equally important for you, your baby and your husband. By making meals together, you keep each other on track and you can take these focused opportunities to talk about your baby and what you are currently feeling.
  1. Keep a journal for baby
Start a journal or online blog and take turns writing letters and notes to and about your unborn baby. Have your husband chime in with his comments, opinions and sweet letters to his baby-to-be.
  1. Plan a couples shower
Dads often whine about why they don't get a baby shower. They really are jealous! They may not ooh and ahh over baby clothes but they might enjoy a mingle session, good food and fun if other dads are in attendance.