Tips to Have Healthy Food During Pregnancy

healthy food in pregnancy

Tips to Have Healthy Food During Pregnancy

Feeling hungry more often than usual now? You cannot stop thinking about the next meal/snack, leave alone the cravings that you keep having for some spicy or tangy food.

Don’t worry, it is absolutely normal to have an increased appetite during pregnancy. This does not however mean that you eat for two or have food packed with empty calories. Ensure you utilise these hunger bouts to consume more healthy and nutritious options to keep you healthy.

Here are some quick ways you could make your food plan healthier:

Tips to make healthy food during pregnancy

  • Have seasonal fruits : Whenever hunger strikes, pick up a fresh fruit to munch on. 
    Gives you fibre and in case of citrus fruits Vitamin C too
  • Sprouts can be a good option which are both healthy and satiating.
    Gives you iron and fibre.
  • Curds and fruits both are healthy options now. Blend the two together for a glass of smoothie which is filling and delicious.
    A dish packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and calcium.
  • Have boiled chickpeas with vegetables like cucumber, tomato, onions, etc. 
    Fill yourself with this tasty snack full of protein, iron, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • You could try curd with almonds.
    This will ensure you have calcium and probiotics from the curd and Vitamin B (folate and B6) from the almonds.
  • Mix nuts, seeds and dried fruits to munch on
    Based on the mix you could have enough fibre, iron, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin E in your diet.
  • Roasted chana are good on-the-go snacks
    Packed with fibre, iron and omega-3 fatty acids they are easy to take along.

Apart from all of this, make sure you keep yourself well hydrated throughout. Reach out for a glass of milk or fruit juice to keep those mid-meal hunger pangs at bay. And most of all, enjoy the process of eating as well - it helps majorly with digestion.