This is what dads really think about pregnancy and it’s hilarious!

As much as your dear husband loves kids, he also secretly hates the nine long months of pregnancy. The vomiting, the morning sickness, the mood swings and much more can make him confused, helpless and even hate the whole phase.

1. Trimester troubles

The first trimester for dads is probably as hard or may be a little harder than for moms. For some morning sickness might just be a blip, but for other women, it can be bad enough to scare the hell out of the poor dads. And sometimes, when dads might have to clean the floor or hold back the hair, it really isn’t any fun!

2. Miss touch me not

Don’t you dare get women started on their physical woes during pregnancy. From extra large breasts to sore nipples which are all set to lactate and extremely painful to touch make her libido fall straight on the floor. Now, it’s not exactly fun if mommy finds daddy’s caresses super irritating or a turn off right? Plus the mood swings! Our hormones go on a happy roller coaster ride and the men around us get to bear the brunt of it.  

3. Voracious sexual appetite

And just when you thought everything was over, your pregnant partner’s libido can almost turn into an overdrive. Blame it all on her hormones! You may have heard of women having aversion to sex during pregnancy, but a few others have the other extreme and daddies have a tough time handling the ‘horny’ moms. There may even be times when men are not very comfortable, especially towards the last trimester, when they can literally feel their baby.

4. Sleep war

Mommies can lose a lot of sleep during pregnancy, especially towards the end when the huge belly becomes simply unmanageable. However, this does not one bit mean daddies get a good night’s sleep. The constant tossing, turning, pulling and tugging of pillows also leave poor dads sleepless. Plus, he is expected to help her figure out how to fall asleep, which pillow to use and in the middle of all this, mommy dearest might even get hungry. So, pregnant mommy plus a man on the same bed is equal to mess!

5. Dirty jobs

Her strong sense of smell might only mean she cannot chop that vegetable, clear the trash, or even cut up a chicken. So you know who gets to take over the dirty job! Daddies, of course! And her sense of smell can at times go to such an extent that she might simply hate the perfume you are using, even if it’s the one she gifted.

Well, all we can say is worry not daddies keep up your sense of humor and you’ll make it through.

Feature Image Source: Parents Magazine