THIS is the secret behind having a quick labour and birth! (P.S: You can do this at home!)

Pregnancy is a journey all about expecting the unexpected! From physical changes to mood swings and other potential problems that can arise, one needs to be game to face a whole lot when pregnant. And just when you somehow manage to push through the nine months, it's time to gear up for the biggest battle – Labour!

When your body is ready for labour, lightning or settling of the baby into the pelvis happens. However, this is not the same for all women and some may even turn out to be lucky enough to skip this. However, there are certain things you can do from the comfort of your home in order help your baby reach the pelvis faster.

Here are natural ways through which your baby can drop into the pelvis.


Well, this is not surprising at all! All through your pregnancy, you might have heard an earful on how walking can benefit you and your baby. However, walking during the last trimester can help your baby move faster into the pelvic area. Walking puts your baby’s weight over the pelvis and also helps in dilation during labour. The pelvis joint loosens and the baby is in position, all ready to meet you very soon!

Watch your baby’s weight

Sitting cross-legged can be bad for you and your baby. Always sit with knees wide apart, bending towards your belly. This will push your baby’s weight on the cervix, thereby helping you dilate faster.

Birthing ball

Using a birthing ball during the last few weeks of pregnancy will increase blood flow, decrease pressure and also help your baby descend into the pelvic area, well before labour.

Make love

Engaging in sexual intercourse can help you dilate faster and also push the baby down to the pelvis. The sperm contains a hormone that can thin the cervix and the female orgasm can trigger uterus contractions. However, women who have been prescribed pelvic rest or have lost the mucus plug should not attempt this technique.


Last, but not the least, squatting can be the best exercise for pregnant women. Squatting strengthens the lower body and gives more support and strength to the hips. So grab on to the wall or other support and get squatting. This exercise will open up your cervix during delivery, thereby enabling a quick delivery.  

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