This is the easiest way to speed up your labour! (P.S. – You can do it at home)

After waiting for nine long months, there is no woman who wants a long, unending labour. Once your labour kicks in, no matter how short the duration, the wait just seems endless. And if you turn out to be unlucky and have a slow dilation, nothing can stop you from turning into a banshee. While doctors and nurses sure have their ways to help you dilate faster, there are certain natural things you can do in order to speed up your labour.

Here’s what you can do to dilate faster and get pushing!


Once your labour kicks in, make sure you do not sit down. Keep walking! The combination of body movement and gravity (thanks to nature) will help the baby descend into the birth canal. Also, walking enables effacement or thinning of the cervix and also increases contractions, all of which will help you dilate faster.

Exercise ball

If you want a break from walking, sit on that exercise ball. Rock to and fro, back and forth or in a circular motion in order to position your baby perfectly. This can perpetuate the downward descending of your baby. So make the birthing ball your best friend once you are in labour!

Have sex

Yes! You read it right. Stimulating the sensitive areas in your body or having sex can help release oxytocin, a hormone which encourages labour and thereby efface your cervix. Also, the prostaglandins in semen can soften the cervix and make it dilate faster.


By acupressure, we don’t mean using needles to prick at pressure points. Knowing the right points and applying the right pressure can help you dilate faster. The most important acupressure point for dilation is located between your thumb and forefinger. Apply pressure for a minute or less, give it a break and do the same on the other hand. 


A warm shower can help you relax your tense muscles, which would otherwise make the physical work harder. If you are looking for other ways to relax, try listening to some soothing music. You can also ask someone to give you a gentle massage. No matter the way you relax, it will produce the same beneficial effects in terms of cervical dilation.

No matter how long or hard, remember the frustration of labour will fade away once you hold your newborn baby. And then the new frustration begins! 

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