This ‘bangle’ is all you need when you are pregnant!

Forget smartphones, Google or even grandmothers! The COEL bangle is all that pregnant women need for that timely advice. Invented by Grameen Intel, this water resistant smart bangle provides pre-recorded messages on maternal health and safety and also alerts pregnant women on a whole lot of other things.

The other features of the COEL bangle include:

1 . It is water-resistant and is built to last up to 10 months. (All through pregnancy, basically)

2. The bangle is programmed to speak in 80 different languages

3. It does not need internet connectivity

4. COEL also delivers two messages a week including what to eat and when to meet the doctor next.

The bangle is in the last stage of research and development and will first be introduced in Bangladesh, priced between $12-$15, by the end of the year.

Watch the video to know more