Choosing to have a live-in help after delivery

live-in help after delivery

Things you need to know if you are choosing live-in help after delivery

If you are a nuclear family with no one from the family to help you, due to unavoidable circumstances, then you must consider hiring a live-in help to take some load off you.

A live-in help will stay with you and help you manage the household along with the new baby. If you consider this, think of the following options:

  • Do you really need a live-in help?
  • What will her job be?
  • Will she be solely take care of the baby or will she have additional duties as cook and housekeeper?

Spread the word among friends and family so that they can help you look for an efficient maid. Some agencies also offer you trained maids. Trained maids have professional experience, communication skills and the confidence to handle many jobs. Some maids are trained in some jobs but may not be very efficient in communication skills. There are also untrained maids who may not be able to communicate well and are not as efficient but are willing to adapt and get the required training.

What do you need to look for when hiring a live-in maid?

  • Experience: make sure she has experience of looking after children and has her own children
  • Age: she should be old enough to handle the physical aspects of the work.
  • References: if she has been referred to you by family or friends, get in touch with her ex- employees. Don’t rely completely on their testimonials though.
  • If an agency has referred a maid to you, conduct an interview and make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to your baby’s safety.
  • Get a police verification done.

The maid’s salary depends on the following factors:

  • Her job description
  • The location
  • Her skills and expertise

Enquire with other people who may have a similar situation about how much they pay. Make sure you discuss off-days and vacations when you discuss salary. Get an estimate of how much the maid is expecting to be paid.

For the first few weeks, monitor the maid closely as to how she performs her jobs, does her duties, and interacts with your child. Also let her get an understanding of how things are done in your home. Then you guide her towards improving her work. Be in constant communication with her so that you can get to know her and understand how she thinks. It will be useful in making her a better employee for your own benefit.