Things to consider before you plan your babymoon

Congratulations, you are pregnant! Your life has changed a lot since you found out, and believe us, it is about to change a lot more. But before you plunge into parenthood, what do you say to one last holiday with your husband? This might be the last time you guys get to spend some quality time with each other without discussing the baby’s snot. So while you plan your babymoon - your getaway when you are pregnant - consider the following.

Check with your doctor

Before you start making your packing checklist, first get clearance from your doctor. Can you even travel? Keep in mind that travelling isn’t recommended the first trimester or even the last, and this means that for most women, the second trimester is the only time when you can travel. However, if you are in a high risk pregnancy or the doctor thinks you shouldn’t move around much, you may not get to go on that babymoon at all. Ask your doctor if you can go on a holiday, and if you are flying, take a certificate from the doctor saying that you are good to fly. 

Check for medical access

When you are planning your babymoon, please pick a more run-of-the-mill destination instead of the offbeat places you went to before you got pregnant. As wonderful and relaxing as offbeat destinations might be, they also typically don’t have a medical infrastructure to speak of. As a mother-to-be, you need to be on the safe side and prepare for medical emergencies at all times, so pick a destination with easy access to help. For example, if you are going to Goa, note down the number for Goa Medical College in case you need to see a doctor while there. Avoid destinations like Sunkhiya and Kaza because the nearest decent hospital will be miles away! 

Keep Travel Distance Low

Pregnant women are advised not to travel very long distances. Apart from how exhausting a long travel time can be, you have to keep in mind that sitting in one place for too long runs a risk of swollen ankles and DVT. So if you are flying or driving, make sure that you get out of your seat every few hours and stretch your legs. Walk around a little and keep yourself hydrated. If possible, keep your total travel time under 5 hours. Avoid going to hill stations that require you to fly for 2 hours and then take a 4-hour drive. 

Make sure you can eat healthy

As tempting as it is to try golden fried prawns and crab curry while you are in Kerala, keep in mind that shellfish is risky food for a pregnant mom. While you are pregnant, you have to be very careful about what you eat and drink, and when you do it. Keep some bottled water and safe, dry snacks with you. Also, try to go to a place that can give you a number of healthy options to choose from. For example, a holiday in Gujarat can give you a better selection of wholesome food to choose from rather than, say, Arunachal Pradesh, where options are limited. 

Relax when on your trip

You may have been a trekker in the past, but when you are pregnant, you have to keep in mind that not all adventure activities are good for you now. Your babymoon should be a holiday where you can relax and take breaks, not one where you are trying to scale a mountain in the shortest time possible. Neither should it involve a lot of travel or activity. Don’t risk paragliding or other activities that might put your baby at risk, even if you really enjoyed these before. 

The idea for a babymoon is to have some quality time with your partner instead of having a hectic holiday. Pick a safe destination and keep these considerations in mind for your final holiday before you welcome your bundle of joy into the world. 

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