Things you can do to involve the Dad-to-be

Involving dad to be

Because pregnancy is so much about the mom, the expectant father tends to feel disconnected from it. Here are our tips to share your pregnancy together:

  • Prenatal appointments

Plan and schedule all or most of your prenatal appointments the expectant father so that you can be together and get all your doubts cleared and are on the same page as one another. Reading or sharing pregnancy related articles, such as our newsletter is also a fun way to keep updated about how your baby is developing. Visiting the doctor together will clue in your husband on what’s normal and what’s not and he might even learn ways to help you while at home.

  • Buy and decorate baby things together

Buying baby things together is one of the best things to do! It makes things concrete for both of you. Nothing shouts BABY like the Baby on Board sticker on your car or the crib that’s been set up. Involve your partner in terms of choosing what you want for the baby or giving some of the decisions entirely to your partner.

  • Exercise together

Yay to fitness! Make the dad-to-be a part of your fitness routine and help him feel important. By exercising with your husband and asking him to be accountable for it, you can also get the much-needed couple time.

  • Cook together

Cooking together is a great way to bond with your partner. Nutrition is extremely important to you and your baby’s health, just like fitness. By making meals together, you can also enjoy a healthy lifestyle and keep focus on eating fresh foods.

  • Keep a baby journal

Start a baby journal or an online blog and take turns writing notes about the unborn baby or about how your pregnancy is progressing. You can have fun reading each others’ entries and imagine how much fun your baby will have when they grow and read it.

  • Plan a couples baby shower

Dads often feel left out when the baby shower is all about the mommy-to-be. Why not break away from the pack and make it a combined baby shower? After all, both of you are going to be welcoming a new baby. Make sure that other dads are present and so your partner and his friends can break out a pack of chips or beer and have fun while you ooh and aah over presents.