These are things every c-section mom wants to tell the world! (And it’s so true!)

‘You are lucky, you skipped labour’! This is one phrase all c-section moms are bound to hear. Whether theirs was a planned surgery or they simply ended up in the operation theatre, after labouring in vain for hours, a c-section surgery is no easy task! Imagine, someone moving your organs when you are fully aware of it! Sounds creepy?

Well, c-section moms face all this and more to bring their little bundle into the world. Here’s what c-section moms have in their mind and would love to tell the world!

C-section is still child birth.

Yes it is! Mommies who had a c-section ‘don’t’ miss out on the experience of giving birth. Whether their c-section was a planned one or happened for medical reasons, after hours of labouring, they had their battles to fight too. Lying still, strapped to the bed, ready to be cut open is no easy task. Add to that hearing words like scalpel and knife and you sure will want to run out of the scene. Yes, a surgeon physically removes the baby, but the mother was strong enough to do everything else- lay still, breastfeed, recover, lose weight, flaunt the scar and much more!

Their recovery takes longer

Few women start their pregnancy dreaming of a pregnancy and may later feel sad to have ended up with one. So, their emotions are all over the place! One moment they may feel extraordinarily angry, while the next minute they may be happy and smiling. Their emotions are all mixed up. The key is to give them the time and space to heel, keeping an open mind, allowing moms to share all that they feel.

C-section is not a minor paper cut!

Whether it is a normal delivery or a c-section, new moms need time to heal. While normal delivery might only need a couple of weeks, a c-section will take at least 6 weeks. And that’s not to suggest that C-section moms are helpless. It’s just that their bodies have gone through a lot and will need some extra time to recoup. So if friends and family can take over cooking, do the laundry and also take care of older kids if any, that can be huge. It can be very hard for women to say ‘I need help’!

Don’t judge her c-section

Whether their surgery was a planned one or happened due to other reasons, c-section moms are not open for judgement. Analysing why it all happened or speculation if it would have all been different if only she had delivered in a different hospital, or tried other birthing options are all plain useless. C-section moms don’t owe an explanation to anyone. They chose the best for them and the baby and they don’t need to justify!

A vaginal birth is still possible!

With time and age c-sections have evolved and are no longer what it used to be back then in the 90s. From skin-skin contact to breastfeeding and bonding with the baby, c-section moms enjoy all that other moms do. Also, having one c-section does not necessarily mean that the subsequent pregnancies will also be the same.

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