The silent agony c-section moms put up with post surgery!

A lot of people dwell in the belief that if you did not have to bear the pain from a normal delivery you just got lucky with the labour and delivery department. But wait! Having a c-section still, leaves you with the same pain (or much more) than what you vaginal-delivery moms go through. And after having someone fiddle with all your organs, move them around when you are awake and get your abdomen stitched, c-section moms deal with a whole lot of other things which are often left unspoken.

Here’s what they have to put up with after the big surgery!

1. Be in bed all day

This is sad but definitely true. After your mom flies back and your husband has resumed work, it is just you, your baby and a healing body. And remember, you are most likely to be drugged with pain killers, your best friend is busy at work and cannot text you all day and your little one is screaming bloody mary, every time he/she is awake. Isn’t that bad enough than labour? Well, on the flip side, look at it this way- this is time to catch up on all the TV shows, books and the ‘me’ time you have missed out on. Hope that makes you feel better!

2. No sex, please

While some women dread the thought of it, some want to get down and dirty even before the incision heals. But don’t! Your doctor will advise you when you are fit and fine to have some fun and until then, no sex, please!

3. Constipation

Welcome to the toughest part of c-section. Constipation will eventually become your worst enemy and your visits to the bathroom might slowly turn into nightmares. The painkillers and the pregnancy hormones are the culprits. But, there’s nothing much you can do about it, except to sip on warm water and watch your diet.

4. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding as such can be a tornado for a new mom. And add to this a wailing infant, the post surgery pain, pregnancy hormones and the never-ending advice people will give you for free, you sure know what we are talking about. While you definitely can breastfeed your baby soon after a c-section, be open about reaching out for help.

5. Belly binder

And just after your wound has healed, you will be roaming around with a belly binder around your abdomen. Now, if you are wondering why this apparently prevents gas to enter your body and also pushes out the excess gas accumulated inside your tummy. The secret to a flat tummy may be!

6. Don’t pass gas!

Be prepared to hear this over and over again once you have a c-section. Passing gas, coughing or sneezing can hurt your stitches or even cause a rupture. So, you will hear your nurse or doctor repeat this like a broken tape. Also, don’t even think of bragging about the perfect shape of your baby’s head to your friends, because he/she was not a vaginal baby.

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