Having your husband in labour room

husband during labour

Talking to the doctor about having your husband in labour room and operation theatre

Having your husband with you in the labour room and operation theatre is a call you will have to take, entirely. Having your husband with you can be useful in more ways than one –

Benefits of having your husband in the labour room:

  1. It is a wonderful bonding experience for the both of you as you experience child birth together. He may not actually have been carrying the baby for 9 months or pushing it out now but just seeing you do it all helps strengthen the bond you two share.
  2. Helps him accept fatherhood better as it is no longer just you going through everything. Seeing the baby emerge and holding it as soon as it arrives into the world can help him bond with the baby immensely.
  3. There will be times you will panic or feel that you can no longer endure the pain, having him at your side encouraging you could help you stay focussed and sail through the labour.
  4. He will be able to distract you and take your mind of the pain or the amount of time the baby is taking to make her arrival. The distraction can make the labour seem shorter and smoother.

If you do want your husband with you discuss it with your gynaecologist well in advance rather than waiting to begin labour. Not all hospitals have provisions for the same so you might want to check on those that do allow him to be present inside with you. Your husband might have to don hospital garb and ensure his hands and feet are disinfected before entering the room.

Most importantly though ensure he wants to be there and will keep his cool and calm. Having someone tensed and freaking out is not going to help you or your labour in any way.