Taking a Holiday in Second Trimester

Taking a Holiday in Second Trimester

Taking a holiday in your second trimester? Here's what you should know

Planning on taking a holiday in the second trimester? Great! You could not have chosen a better time. You are not feeling as sick or as tired as you were feeling in your first trimester and you are not yet as large or uncomfortable as you will be in the third trimester.

While this is the perfect time to celebrate life – yours and of the little one growing inside you, it would do to remember certain essentials:

  • Sure you have your energy back now but plan sensibly and do not overdo it.
  • Ditch the heels maybe and opt for flats, you still are coming to terms with your new centre of gravity.
  • Carry along clothes which are comfy and give you room to grow.
  • In case you are going to be travelling for long, factor in breaks to stretch those muscles. Do not sit at a stretch for too long.
  • You might want to go easy on adventure trips for now, like thrill rides, scuba diving, horseback riding, etc. It would be sensible to cross check with your gynaecologist before deciding on doing anything adventurous.
  • Keep snacks at hand because you never know when there may be delays.
  • Drink water frequently as it helps to stay hydrated now.
  • You are taking the holiday for a reason – Relax! It makes a happier you and a healthier baby!

Remember though that travelling in the beginning of your second trimester and to the end of the second trimester is not the same, so plan accordingly.