Swelling in my hands and feet and what it means

To nurture you and your baby there is an overall increase in body fluids. When the fluids accumulate in your various tissues owing to increased blood flow and the pressure your uterus is putting on the vena cava (the large vein on the right side of your body that brings the blood back from the lower limbs to the heart) and pelvic veins, you may observe mild swelling in your hands and feet. This is known as Edema.This swelling is usually more pronounced during the end of the day and during the summers.This is normal to pregnancy and no reason to worry. If however you feel the swelling is excessive or sudden, your face swells or the area around your eyes is puffy then it could be signs of preeclampsia. That is serious and you must get yourself checked by the gynaecologist. Also head for the doctor if one leg seems more swollen than the other, you feel your pressure is elevated; there is rapid weight gain, etc.This swelling is definitely not comfortable even if normal, so here is what you could do to prevent it – Avoid standing or sitting for a long time at a stretch Put up your legs whenever you get a chance Try sleeping on your left (so that pressure on the vena cava is less) Try and incorporate some safe workouts. You could always walk Drink lots water. The more the water inflow, the more water is flushed out. Wear comfortable shoes. Eat healthy and stay away from the junk.