Sweeping and mopping during pregnancy: Is it good or bad!

As per olden day traditions, there are no don't's when it comes to physical activities during pregnancy. However, if you are sweeping or mopping with your pregnant belly, you might want to read this first!

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Trying to stay active during pregnancy is very important. Every pregnant woman loves getting pampered, it is also very convenient for her to find an excuse not to do any household chore. But these chores are ways to stay fit during pregnancy.

So sweeping and mopping during pregnancy are not unsafe. It does prove to be beneficial in staying active. Unless you have a complicated pregnancy or your doctor has advised you against doing any strenuous physical activities, you can continue doing household activities. Always listen to your body and consult your medical practitioner when you are in doubt.

Safety Concern

Any hardcore physical exercises which would probably result in any injury should be avoided. High-impact activities or exercises are not for pregnant women. Sweeping and mopping does not fall into high-impact exercise category, so the chances of hurting yourself or injuring the baby are less. As long as it is in a safe, temperature-controlled area, and not straining your body it is ok to go ahead.


As you reach the third trimester, the nesting instinct would drive you crazy. You might want to stock up the refrigerator and move around furniture in the house to clean.

Use your common sense when you do household work.

Do not lift any heavy objects which would put your body through strain.

Use natural and organic household cleaning products which would not harm you or the baby in any way.

Keep the house well-ventilated while mopping or sweeping the floors.

If you are under high-risk pregnancies which involve ruptured membranes, hypertension, multiples, or any other issues that could cause early delivery, avoid doing any high-impact physical activities.

Always follow your doctor’s advice. In case you need complete bed rest, adhere to the rules. Preterm labor may become dangerous to both you and your baby.

Knowing the signs of any danger after physical activities is always good. Symptoms like spotting, cramping, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, discharge of blood or amniotic fluid, sudden change in body temperature, or blurred vision might be signs of possible danger. Consult the physician or your OB immediately.

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