Stretch Marks During Pregnancy: Causes & Remedies

Pregnancy stretch marks

You’ve noticed those silvery strands of lines starting to appear on your tummy, and they itch too. You keep staring at them in the mirror, wishing for them to disappear sometimes, but please remember, these are completely normal and most pregnant women have them/

Causes of stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks are caused because of the skin stretching when you gain weight during pregnancy. Softening of the skin fibres due to the pregnancy hormones could also increase the possibilities of your having stretch marks.

Stretch marks appear on the belly, thighs, bottoms and breasts as lines (pink or purple tinged)

Your chances of having stretch marks are increased if:

  • You are a young mother, more so if in your teens
  • You gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy
  • You are expecting more than one baby
  • You already had stretch marks pre pregnancy
  • You have a family history

It is not necessary that stretch marks show up during pregnancy. You could also have them appear a few weeks after the baby is born.

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

There is no real fool-proof method you can employ to prevent or treat stretch marks. All the creams in the market which claim to do so, well they cannot stop the stretch marks. They are beneficial of course as the massage can be soothing, relaxing and help you bond with your bump. You could try not gaining too much weight during the pregnancy though by making healthy and balanced choices in one’s diet and lifestyle. You could drink a lot of water to ensure the skin is supple and well-hydrated.

How to remove stretch marks after pregnancy?

Stretch marks do not go away with time but they could fade. In the long run, your complexion will be the factor to influence whether or not they become less noticeable.

Don’t fret about them marks too much, they are after all proof of what you went through in the 40weeks of pregnancy and delivering your baby; so ignore them and go about your life unfazed.