Strengthening Your Bond With Your Husband During Pregnancy

Strengthening Your Bond With Your Husband During Pregnancy

Importance of Strengthening Your Bond With Your Husband During Pregnancy:

The pregnancy is changing a lot about you inside and outside. You are at the centre of everything and everyone wants to know how you and the baby are doing. All this could leave your husband feeling quite disconnected and distant from the entire experience.

It is important to understand and manage your and your husband’s feelings and emotions now so as to maintain and strengthen the bond you two share already.

You could become quite clingy during the pregnancy and worry too much about your spouse. This is all because of all the new and increased amounts of hormones in your body. You could become demanding, unrealistic and unreasonable now, upsetting your husband.

You might already be a mom but for him the baby is still not feeling real. He doesn’t have the symptoms or signs to help him experience the baby so may lack the enthusiasm you have regarding everything to do with the baby. This may upset you greatly.

The raging emotions can’t seem to let you decide – you either want to be really intimate or sex might be totally off the table. One day you are up to it and the other day too exhausted. This could get too confusing for your husband who cannot seem to understand you or your emotions now.

All of this could result him in getting further alienated from you and the baby, which you definitely do not want. Now is the right time to strengthen the bond.

You could share a small vacation together, have a quite dinner as a couple or just plain discuss what you are experiencing. Involving him in bonding with the baby, the life you created together, can also further help strengthen your bond.