Is street food safe during pregnancy?

Street food during pregnancy

Street food on its own isn't unsafe in pregnancy. The risk comes from the possibility of getting an infection or stomach bug due to poor food hygiene standards and unclean water.

However, because you are pregnant, the safest way to give in to your cravings is to prepare the street food or chaat at home.

If preparing the dishes at home is a hassle, you could try ready-to-eat, vacuum-sealed packs. Make sure you pick a reputed brand and check the best-before date.

Things to keep in mind if you eat street food during pregnancy

If you absolutely must eat street foods, bear these in mind:

  1. Instead of eating from a street vendor, choose a more reputed chain of hotels that is good on quality, hygiene and service.
  2. Apart from the food, the place should be neat and clean. Eateries with flies, mosquitoes or any other pests are best avoided.
  3. Order the right foods
  4. It's best to order freshly prepared food. Stick to hot, cooked foods which are usually prepared only once you've placed your order.
  5. Avoid dishes with raw ingredients.
  6. Give toppings a miss.
  7. Stay away from anything with chutneys, sauces or condiments that have been left out in the open all day.
  8. You may want to avoid dairy items as well. It's often difficult to tell if the curd or paneer is fresh.
  9. Be wary of iced drinks and chuskis. The ice used may not actually have been made from safe drinking water.
  10. Many restaurant and snack chains also offer home delivery or take-away menus. If you decide to get some food packed, always choose a place known for fresh and hygienic meals
  11. There's no harm in giving in to your cravings now and then, but remember moderation is best. Deep fried, sugary or ghee-laden foods are unhealthy, so don't make these a regular feature.