Feeling moody and low during pregnancy? Do these 5 things

feeling low during pregnancy


Still feeling low and moody? Here are 5 things you can do to make yourself feel better

It is very natural to feel low and moody in the third trimester because of the growing discomfort and increasing sense of anxiety regarding the delivery.

Here are a few things you could do to keep your spirits up during pregnancy

  1. Take a nap, or go for a walk. A nice time with yourself can cheer you up, if you are comfortable with solitude, or let music keep you company. Listen to your favourite melodies while on a walk or catch up with your friend on a call.
  2. Watch a nice feel good movie or TV show. If you have your husband’s company all the more good for you. You can catch up with the old comedies like Chupke Chupke, or Bawarchi, Golmaal – take your pick. Or, if you are a Hollywood fan, films like You’ve got mail or Sleepless in Seattle might just do trick. Better yet, how about a Full House or Friends marathon?
  3. Go for a beauty treatment. A good spa and range of beauty treatments add to feeling of looking good which feels good and elevate your mood. Plus, you’ll be all prepared to look fabulous in your first photos with the baby.
  4. Spend some one on one time with your husband, and if your doctor has okayed it, indulge in sex. A good orgasm can release many endorphins which are responsible for elevating your mood.
  5. Have a healthy snack, something healthy and yummy that you might enjoy. Maybe an indulgence of chocolate will provide you with the much needed cheer.