Staying quiet during labour

Staying quiet during labour

Staying quiet during labour

Labour is painful and there are different mechanisms to cope with the contractions and the pain. If avoiding medication, you are possibly going to feel the pain more than those who do.

It is important to realise that delivering a child is basically primal and wild. At the time of labour women do tend to exhibit their instinctive behaviour. In some this could mean withdrawing oneself and being quiet and for others it could mean being loud and wild.

There is a lot of judgement passed on women's behaviour and being quiet and controlled is considered to be the accepted behaviour. A woman’s response to labour though is different from person to person and each is accepted if it works for her.

As someone who is going to go into labour you might be conscious of how you are going to react and respond during labour. Do not worry about it. Labour is definitely not the time to be worried about how people are judging you. You just need to go with the flow and deliver a healthy baby.

Most people would advise you to refrain from screaming or talking excessively as it uses up a lot of energy; energy which you could reserve for the actual act of pushing out the baby from the womb. There are various relaxation and breathing techniques which are said to help cope with the pain and focus one’s energy on the act of pushing.

If you do feel like screaming though just go ahead. Do not be thinking about who is thinking what, just scream your gut out if it is going to help you cope with the pain of labour and have your beautiful baby in your hands!