Staying Back or Moving to Mother’s House for Delivery?

Staying Back or Moving to Mother's House for Delivery

One decision you need to take well in advance during your pregnancy is that of whether you will be at your mother’s for delivery or stay back in your own house. Both options of course have advantages and disadvantages which you must weigh in to take a better decision.

Whatever decision you take though ensure that you discuss this in detail with your partner so that he feels as a part of the journey and both of you are happy.

Going to your mother’s home


  • One of the best care you could get for yourself and your baby is possibly your mom. She will be there with you throughout it all without you having to say much.
  • You can take more liberties here. You can tell her what you want; you can sleep when the baby does without having to worry about other chores.


  • Your husband may not feel too involved in this set up. He would take more time to bond with the baby eventually.
  • The transition back to your home may be more difficult for the baby and you.

Staying back at your place


  • You can do everything as it suits you with little advice and judgements as to how things should be done.
  • Your partner can be a part of it all from day one. This helps him bond with the baby and also strengthens your bond with him.


  • You may not get as much rest as you would like because you would have to do everything on your own especially when the husband gets back to work.

● Insufficient rest may leave you feeling fatigued and depressed. This may affect your care for the baby and yourself.