Starting to Exercise During Pregnancy Second Trimester

exercise during pregnancy second trimester

Starting to exercise during pregnancy second trimester

You’ve passed the relatively unsafe trimester and are now adjusting to the idea of being pregnant. You’re eating right, you’ve been taking your prenatals, you’ve been sleeping well. But then, there is this one thing that we all keep postponing for later. Been meaning to work out for some time now, but never managed?

It is okay, life happens!

But if you decide to begin to exercise now, in your second trimester, be positive - you sure can. There are some things one must keep in mind though.

Safety measures to take while exercising during pregnancy second trimester:

  • You can begin to exercise anytime you want even if it is for the first time but make sure you check it up with your gynaecologist.
  • This is not the time to be aiming to lose weight so keep it between mild to moderate. Your body and the baby are vulnerable now and you do not want to run any risks.
  • Take it slow and let your body ease into the schedule of working out. Begin at maybe 10 minutes a day and move gradually to a half hour each day.
  • You can exercise on all 7 days of the week if you want and if your body can take it without getting exhausted.
  • There are some exercises which are better suited for you now –

Exercises you can do in pregnancy second trimester:

    • Walking – Your best bet as it is safe and easy to do, improving your overall fitness.
    • Swimming – Again a great choice as it helps workout the entire body with minimum stress on the joints. Plus the water buoyancy gives you some relief by supporting the weight.
    • Prenatal yoga – It helps stretch the body without putting too much strain if done right.
    • Avoid workouts which have you lying flat on your back for any period of time.

Most importantly if you ever feel or see signs (dizziness, chest pain, vaginal bleeding or any secretion from the vagina, contractions) that your body is not up to it, stop immediately! Consult a doctor if the symptoms persist.

And always remember - your safety and health first. Do not try to compete with other moms and remember that every pregnancy is unique. Let your body tell you when to stop, and listen when it does!