Spicy food during pregnancy: Is it safe?

Spicy foods during pregnancy

Sure, it’s ok to eat spicy food while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. There’s no report suggesting you can’t, especially if you’re already used to it.

However, bear in mind that your amniotic fluid or breast milk, does in fact sometimes taste different because of your diet. Therefore, we recommend that you go by trial and error. If eating hot and spicy foods gives you heartburn, eat something that can soothe your stomach.

Indian women are used to spicy foods and don't necessarily make any big changes to their diet when they’re pregnant or are breastfeeding.

The foetus will not have any effect from the foods you’re eating (except the nutritional point of view), but some expectant mums can experience heartburn and digestive problems. Spicy meals could also aggravate morning sickness in mothers who are unable to stomach certain spices. Therefore, like anything else, consume spicy foods in moderation and with a variety of other foods that make a balanced diet so that you and your baby receive the nutrients you need.