Snacks for pregnant women: snack box ideas for work

healthy snacks during pregnancy

So you’ve finally passed the second trimester and have cruised into the third. You’re hungry constantly at work and want to munch on something all the time. Don’t listen to the naysayers that say you shouldn’t have a snack during pregnancy.

There are lots of healthy snacks for pregnancy that you can have which are tasty too! That healthy food is boring, is a myth. While it is absolutely necessary to keep yourself well-nourished in the third trimester, you don’t have to be bored of eating. Add variety and mix and match the ingredients to make yummy snacks to take to work.

Here are some tasty snack box ideas to get you started:

Snack box ideas for pregnant women:

  • Fresh fruit salad: Mix fruits that travel well such as bananas, oranges, apples and spice them up with some lemon juice. Not only does it add a tinge of sourness to it, but it also keeps the fruits fresh for longer duration, especially the apples.
  • Sprout bhel: Mix some sprouts with chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber with a dash of lemon and chaat masala. You can add steamed corn or substitute the sprouts with corn. You can also substitute the sprouts with boiled chana and/or murmura.
  • Upma: Add vegetables and a generous amount of ghee to enhance the nutrition in this Snack.
  • Sandwiches: Ah! The scope of sandwiches! Let your imagination take flight and you can come up various nutritious combinations to satiate that little hunger for a snack.
  • Team up veggies like tomatoes, cucumber and onion with hummus and pepper.
  • Make a spread of hung curd, salt, pepper, grated cucumber, and grated carrot.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, add a slice of chicken ham, or an omelette or a hard-boiled egg.
  • Dry fruit salad: Mix dry fruits like almond, walnuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, dried apricots, dry dates for a snack on the go. Add a fistful of roasted chana (phutane) to this Mix.
  • Masala khakhras: Pair up a khakhra with garlic hummus, or a bhel like a masala papad.
  • Roti wraps: Give roti-sabji a twist by eating up as a roll. Add some more spices, maybe a block of cheese, a dash of ketchup, or just a touch of raita – and there you have a snack you can eat without messing up your hands.

Don’t forget to also keep yourself hydrated enough, so pack some fresh fruit juice or enough water to keep you hydrated along with these healthy snacks during pregnancy!