Sleeping During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Sleeping During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Sleeping During Pregnancy Second Trimester - What You Need to Know

The toughest part of your pregnancy, the first trimester usually, is over and your body is better adjusted to pregnancy by trimester two.

It might be easier getting a good night’s sleep then in the first with morning sickness and the urge to urinate frequently subsiding.

Reasons for troubled sleep during the Second trimester

What could still be keeping you up though are

  • Heartburn - The hormones are causing the stomach acid to keep getting washed up to the oesophagus giving that burning sensation which makes it difficult to sleep
  • Leg cramps - The hormones are causing a lot of cramps especially in the calf now which can wake you up and make it tough sleeping
  • Nightmares - Your pregnancy is getting more real by the day and it is normal to get anxious and worry about a lot of things from your parenting skills to the baby’s health to financials to child care. These could cause disturbing dreams which refuse to let you sleep.
  • Baby’s activities - Just as you snuggle into bed you might realise that little one wants to play. All the kicks and punches just cannot help you fall asleep

You still can get your sleep though if you do the following:

  • Avoid sleeping on your back and switch to your sides - Sleep on your left preferably and curl up your knees and hips. Use a pillow below your abdomen, between your knees and on your back for added comfort.
  • Sleep with your body elevated - Use pillows to prop up the upper part of your body and your head to avoid heartburn.
  • Stick to a schedule - Sleeping on a schedule each day can help you fall asleep easily.
  • Relax before bedtime - Do anything that helps you wind down – read a book, a foot soak, etc. before hitting the bed