Sleeping position during pregnancy – is it ok to sleep on your stomach?

Safe sleeping positions during pregnancy

Remember that comfort counts! Sleep however you’re most comfortable even during pregnancy. As you expand, it is unlikely you'll be able to sleep comfortably on your stomach. But go for it as long as you feel comfortable.

The only position your doctor might warn you against, is lying flat on your back as you expand. This is because lying on your back makes your growing uterus compress the large veins that run up and down the sides of your spine and supply blood to your legs from your heart. This may result in decreased blood flow cause dizziness, shortness of breath, or even a fast heart rate.

This is why by the second trimester, most pregnant women are sleeping on their side.

However, if you're used to sleeping on your stomach, and wish to continue, consider using a donut-shaped pillow to support your posture.

Also try and experiment with other positions and pillows. Wedge a pillow under your tummy, between your legs or behind your back while you're on your side. This will help you tilt toward your stomach or your back or alternate between the two.