Sleep during pregnancy : Tips to feel less tired and sleep better

Sleep during pregnancy

Are you wide awake and counting sheep at 2.00am? Is that little baby inside of you making it completely impossible for you to catch a few winks even before they make an entrance? Is heartburn, hunger and the constant need to go to the bathroom keeping you up? You will definitely have trouble sleeping at some point during your pregnancy, especially during the your first and last trimesters. But don't despair yet! We have come up with some foolproof tips to help you increase the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Tips to feel less tired and get better sleep during pregnancy

  1. Skip the late-night munching

About 2 hours before you hit the bed, stop eating or drinking anything. This will help keep heartburn at bay, which in turn keeps you up.

  1. Move over sideways

Sleeping on your left side has been shown to be the most convenient and beneficial sleeping position for you and baby by increasing the amount of blood and nutrients that flow to baby. It also keeps you comfortable.

  1. Get them props

Use a firm pillow to prop your head and upper body up. This position allows you to breathe easier.

  1. Nap short and sweet

Don’t nap for more than 30 minutes. Sleeping longer than that will make your body enter a deeper stage of sleep, which makes it harder to wake and in turn leaves you more exhausted than ever.

  1. Keep the temp down

You’re hotter during pregnancy (literally). Experiment with the A/C temperature till you find what’s comfy for you.

  1. Unplug

Stay away from any external stimuli - cell phones, iPads, any source of noise or light - all of these will keep you up longer than you want to be.

  1. Bedroom is for sex or sleep only

You have to tune your brain to think only of relaxation in the bedroom. A TV is a strict no-no.

  1. Lights out

Keep the room quiet, dark and cool. Keep the blinds or curtains drawn. Artificial light interferes with melatonin, the natural sleep-inducing hormone.