Skipping meals during pregnancy

skipping meals while pregnant

Skipping meals during pregnancy

No matter what situation you are in, if you are pregnant, it is neither good for you nor the baby that you skip a meal. It is not advisable to skip meals during pregnancy, especially when you have a condition like gestational diabetes.

There are times when you don’t really feel like eating after all the throwing up that comes as an added bonus for most women. Or you are alone and don’t want to cook for yourself. Or you’ve had an irritating fight with the husband who for the thousandth time forgot where he put something! At times like this, sit back a moment and think, whether it really is worth it.

When you’re pregnant, your body needs much more energy supply than usual. By the third trimester, you and your baby need a constant supply of energy, a minimum of up to 300 calories a day, which translates to at least:

  • Two rotis with a bowl of curry
  • Two idlis with a small bowl of sambar

Being on an empty stomach for a long time may cause heartburn and acidity. In extreme cases, it might lead to fainting spells as well. If you decide to fast for religious reasons, you must talk to your doctor on the effect it might have on your pregnancy.