Showing Off Your Baby Bump

showing off your baby bump

There's nothing wrong in showing off your baby bump!

Coming to terms with your increasing weight and body changes is possibly one of the more difficult things about pregnancy. Your belly may already be protruding out of your body or you might still have time in hand before you show.

It is quite common though for pregnant women to be shy and apprehensive about showing off their baby bump. You would notice women trying to cover up their bump with their dupatta, etc. It is common for women to cover up because they do not want people knowing that they are expecting. Reasons for this could be for official purposes or superstitious too.

Flaunting the bump is totally up to the individual – you can show it if you please!

There is no need to feel uncomfortable. After all you are pregnant! This is such a beautiful phase in your life. You are having a baby which is big and awesome! So why not flaunt the baby bump? Celebrate your pregnancy!

If you already have a bulging belly you would identify with this – this is one time you need not worry about the showing bulges. All the curves are now yours, including the cleavage that’s to die for. So no need to hold in your tummy, or wear only certain coloured clothes, wear what you want without having to worry about showing!!

The pregnancy might be everything you dreamt it to be or nothing like what you imagined – whatever be the case be proud of what you are going through and go about life with your head held high.