Must have for new moms: feeding bras, tummy belt & more

must have for new moms

Must have for new moms: feeding bras, tummy belt & more

Now that you are almost at the end of your pregnancy you already have a list ready on the things you need for the new baby, if you haven’t bought all of it already that is. But things to take of your post-natal body, has in all probability not crossed your mind. You do need them though. In this whole enthusiasm of welcoming a new baby it is important not to forget yourself so be sure to add some of these stuff to your shopping list for when the baby arrives.

New mom shopping list:

  1. Sanitary Napkins:You are going to be bleeding for quite some time post the birth of the baby. Stock up on sanitary pads in bulk, you don’t want to be in a situation where you run out of them.
  2. Suitable inner briefs:The belly isn’t going instantaneously and can be quite uncomfortable when you try wearing briefs. Also in case of a C-Sec the incision is quite low which can be quite uncomfortable when you wear briefs. Big underwear could make life much more comfortable.
  3. Nursing bras:The increasing milk supply is going to make your breasts bigger, you will need bras that can accommodate the growing size and also give adequate support.
  4. Nursing pads: You will experience let-down which is basically milk being available to the baby. This may cause leaks from both breasts which can soil clothes too. A nursing pad will ensure the excess milk is soaked up.
  5. Nursing friendly clothes:You never know when and where you might have to feed. Get some comfortable clothing which make nursing easy and there are plenty available.
  6. Postpartum recovery belts:Now that the tummy and internal organs are going back to the original shape, a postpartum recovery belt helps support the core muscles so that they can reconnect.

Remember to buy and keep all these things in hand to be prepared for the different changes your body will be going through, and you’re set!