Shopping for your babymoon

You and your partner decided to take that nice vacation now before the baby arrives, you know what good for you! The second trimester is possibly the most comfortable time to travel for you – you are feeling more energetic, most of your first trimester symptoms like morning sickness are on the wane and you are not yet all that big and uncomfortable. This is the perfect time to spend some quality time together and bond.Before setting of on the much anticipated ‘babymoon’ you may want to equip yourself with these to be comfortable and feel nice when travelling:
  • Comfortable bras: For proper support for your growing breasts, buy a few sports bras or those in cotton.
  • Over-the-belly maternity underwear: An over-the-belly brief may give some support to the belly and loads of comfort.
  • A wrap sweater/ a bikini: Depending on where you are going buy a wrap sweater because you may feel chilly now or a bikini to beat the heat.
  • Tunics: The added length gives you good cover up and room for expansion.
  • T-shirts: Choose a classic t-shirt in stretchable fabric
  • Tank tops: Nothing better when you just want to hang around.
  • A button-down style men’s shirt: Gives you ample room, so wear it big and baggy.
  • Black stretch pants: Go with everything possibly while being super comfortable.
  • Yoga pants: Super comfortable and stretchable.
  • Stretchable jeans: Stretchable and super cool which can be dressed however you wish.
  • A fitted skirt: One in stretchy material which doesn’t make you look like a tent waist down.
  • Dresses – LBD: A classic to complement you and perfect for dates.
  • Sexy lingerie: Nothing like some sexy lingerie to spice things on the holiday.
  • Accessories: Jewellery to scarves to bags, indulge to spice up any outfit.