Shopping for your babymoon: what to buy?

things to buy for babymoon

Shopping for your babymoon: what to buy?

A nice vacation for you with just your partner is one of the best things you could do for yourself before the baby arrives. The second trimester is possibly the most comfortable time to travel for you - most of your first trimester symptoms like morning sickness are on the wane and you are feeling more energetic. There is still some time before you get all that big and uncomfortable. So if you want to spent some time together and strengthen the bond you share – now is the perfect time!

As excited as you might be about the much anticipated ‘babymoon’, you may want to equip yourself with these when travelling:

  • Comfortable bras - 
    Your growing breasts need some good support so buy a few cotton bras and sports bras.
  • Over-the-belly maternity underwear -
    An over-the-belly brief for some support to the belly. It is sure to be loads more comfortable.
  • A wrap sweater/ a bikini - 
    Of course where you are heading will help you take the call - a wrap sweater to keep the chill away or a bikini to beat the heat.
  • Tunics-
    Need space for your expanding tummy and a good cover up? Tunics are your best bets.
  • T-shirts-
    A classic t-shirt in stretchable fabric for ultimate comfort
  • Tank tops-
    Best for times when you want to hang around
  • A button-down style men’s shirt
    A big and baggy button-down style men’s shirt for all the room you need
  • Black stretch pants-
    Super comfortable for sure and they can be paired with almost every top!
  • Yoga pants-
    Stretchable and super comfortable
  • Stretchable jeans-
    Stretchable and thus comfortable! Also super cool and can be dressed however you wish.
  • A fitted skirt-
    One in stretchy material which doesn’t make you look like a tent waist down.
  • Dresses – LBD-
    Since you are looking to bond and keep the flame alive, a classic dress to complement you is perfect for dates
  • Lingerie-
    Nothing like some sexy lingerie to spice things up!
  • Accessories-
    From jewellery to bags to shoes, indulge to spice up any outfit.

And remember, comfort over everything, this time!