Sex drive during pregnancy: What you need to know

Sex drive during pregnancy

A lot of women find that their sex drive during pregnancy is so high, they're hungry all the time (even when their partners are more than satiated). Once again, you can thank your surging hormones for this. With all the extra blood coursing through your veins, your vulva is bigger and so are your breasts. All of this makes the private parts more sensitive which makes sex all the more pleasurable.

And this maxes out during the first trimester (when hormonal soupy mess is at its peak). Or perhaps you’re horny all the way till you deliver. Like everything else, this experience is different for each woman. And that means like everything annoying, whatever your sex drive is, will still be described as “completely normal”. The more vital factor is if your libido matches with your husband still. If it does, awesome. And if it doesn’t, there are always other things that can be done to quench the thirst of the more thirsty partner.

Your partner may enjoy this state of affairs or find it hard keeping up with it. But in either case, the only clear thing is that this isn’t in your control. However, you can both enjoy the fact that you can have unprotected sex how many ever times as you like. Also reason for celebration is that your orgasms are as heightened as ever, which normally results in more sex. You may find that as you approach your third trimester, your belly may start to play spoilsport and you may have to find positions that make you feel comfortable.

The key to anything is communication. Make sure that whatever the case may be, your partner is on the same page as you in terms of libido match, expectations and frequency of coitus. After all, you're in this parents-to-be thing together — and you could have a really good time getting there with all the pregnancy sex.

Here's to a satisfying pregnancy!