How to select your gynecologist : Find the best Gynecologist

finding the best gynaecologist

You know who trumps your husband as the most important person in your pregnancy other than you? Well, your gynaecologist of course! So, it is crucial that you are completely yourself with him (or her). Doesn’t it become important then to consider all the factors in choosing the right one?

Is the gynaecologist reputed?

Be choosy. After all, your gynaecologist is going to be familiar with the most intimate facets of your body, sexualtiy and overall health and wellness. You will want to verify the repute of the hospital you’re going to give birth in, how long your gynaec has been practising, and what her ex-patients have to say about her.

Ease of access - Is the gynaecologist located near you?

When you live in a crowded city, it makes sense to see how far you need to commute for your appointments. If you’re a working woman, maybe it makes sense to pick a doctor on the way to work so you can meet her before or after your work hours. All the same, it’s better her clinic isn’t too far from home, because you will probably leave for your delivery from home.

In India, almost all doctors are busy, but don’t settle for a someone who seems way too busy to patiently listen to you and answer all your questions.

It may make sense to find out:

  • how this doctor deals with emergencies
  • how fast she reverts to patients with non-emergency questions
  • what the waiting time is for regular appointments
  • what the duration of each appointment is
  • how soon she or someone qualified in her practice can see you during an emergency

What about doctor fees?

Having a baby is expensive business! And it starts right at the moment you conceive. And factoring in your doctor’s appointment fees, the hospital fees, the delivery fee, etc. makes sense. Although there is most likely a difference in consultation fees between doctors, the meatier difference is in delivery charges that varies dependent on one hospital to another.

If you have insurance, find out what your maternity covers.? Check if the hospital you have chosen accepts your policy. Also, find out if your doctor’s practice accepts your insurance cover. Else, choose accordingly.

What qualities should your gynaec embody?

Comfort and trust.

It is absolutely essential for you to be able to trust your doctor and be comfortable in your skin around her. It may not start as much but it might grow as you progress in your pregnancy. But the gut feeling is real from your very first meeting. Evaluate your first appointment and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the doctor willingly answer your questions?
  • Is she friendly?
  • Does she make you feel comfortable and receptive?
  • Is she knowledgeable and updated with the latest medical techniques?
  • Is she really listening to you?
  • Is she gentle while checking you up and does it make you feel cared for?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of the above, it may be worth investing a bit of time in finding another doctor. Most women in India prefer female gynaecologists, but the trend of male gynaecs is slowly evolving too. Make your decision only after you've had a chance to speak to several doctors.

A woman’s gut is like no other. So do your research, find the best possible hospital-doctor combo but ultimately, trust your gut.