Regular doctor not available during labour? Here’s how you can cope

Regular doctor not available during labour

How to cope if your regular doctor isn’t available when you go into labour

From the very beginning of your pregnancy you have a regular doctor whom you consult. She knows the pregnancy in and out and is aware of all your various possible conditions and complications. She knows your preferences and what or how you want during your child birth. Another major advantage of the regular doctor is that you are comfortable with her and you are able to voice your fears and apprehensions.

She is of course aware of your expected day and is available to be there by your side and help you through to the end. But it is always a possibility that you go into labour on such a day when she isn’t available. The fact that your regular doctor is not available may cause you to worry and maybe panic a little. There isn’t much you can do now besides going ahead and having the baby under the care of a new doctor. Here is what you can do to cope right now:

  1. Trust the new doctor. You don’t really have a choice but it will be to your advantage to trust in the new doctor. She is after all a doctor.
  2. Mention the key aspects of your pregnancy that you feel she should know. It is okay even if it is minor stuff; she will understand your apprehension and need to mention them.
  3. Do not think twice about voicing your concerns. She will understand and also help you ease your worries.
  4. Be positive. Your baby and you are going to be just fine!