Recording pregnancy milestones: Pregnancy tracker of the exciting ones

Pregnancy milestones

Pregnancy is *so* exciting with so many new things happening to you, your body and your family. Here are some milestones that you must track and record for posterity –

  • First positive HPT – That first ever inkling of a life within is your joyous first memento for that pregnancy. So go on, take a picture of your first positive home pregnancy test. And you must because, what all has that stick seen? The shock, the disbelief, the joy, the elation! A lot of people save the test itself. Consider the hygienic reasons and go for a picture instead!
  • First signs of nausea – You ain’t pregnant till you’ve seen your lunch down the toilet the first time. Nothing signals pregnancy as nausea!
  • First glimpse – That all important ultrasound! Feel free to take a video of your first ever glimpse of the baby.
  • End of the first trimester – Finally, FINALLY you can tell EVERYONE that you’re PREGNANT! Yes that pregnancy announcement is a memento that you totally should save.
  • End of nausea – What better reason to celebrate and welcome the golden trimester? This trimester calls for a babymoon. The nausea is gone, you’re not big enough to be clumsy and you can have a blast before baby comes along!
  • First maternity jeans – What better relief than to not buckle your uncomfortable jeans? Here’s to more shopping!
  • First bump – Strangers know! What a relief not to have to tell someone!
  • First kick – It’s official. Little Messi inside wants to make his presence known. Those flutters were kicks all along!
  • First contraction – Wait, he’s coming out, NOW?

Baby’s here – The culmination of 9 months, the literal fruits of labour – the baby is here. Could life get better?