Pubic hair removal during pregnancy

Pubic hair removal during pregnancy

Pubic hair removal during pregnancy: why is it done?

Time for your delivery and your contractions are coming strong and frequently. Here’s what is going to happen – you will be taken to the delivery room and prepared for delivery. And one of the steps of preparing you for delivery involved shaving off your pubic hair. This is regardless of vaginal or caesarean delivery.

As a mother-to-be in labor, you may find it embarrassing or intrusive – even unnecessary. If it bothers you that much, talk to your doctor. If she can break away from the routine, she may agree. But if she prefers to get it done, she will explain the following reasons to you:

Reasons for removing pubic hair during pregnancy

  • The vaginal area is neat and clean, making it easy to maintain it after the delivery, during the post-partum period.
  • Provides better visibility to the doctor during the delivery – to be able to see if perineum needs to be cut.
  • Reduces the possibility of maternal infection.

Precautions to be taken while removing pubic hair during pregnancy

  • Always ensure if the razor pack is new and sterilized
  • Always let the nurse or the midwife know if it hurts or if she is doing it too roughly for your comfort. Even the smallest cut can result in infection.

Speak up - it’s absolutely okay

Remember, you might have friends who have gone through the same thing, so if you’re unsure or are scared of anything, speak to someone else. It always helps calm one down.